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Polymer Chemistry Pioneering Investigator, Author of the Month and Paper of the Month from o

Biomacromolecules such as proteins and DNA exhibit perfect sequence precision which allows them to fulfil large varieties of biological functions. A long-lasting challenge in polymer chemistry is to mimic these biopolymers through synthetic analogous. Dr. Jason Xu’s group is dedicated to address this research gap. A novel synthetic technology named single unit monomer insertion (SUMI) has been developed to assemble the olefins (eg. styrene, acrylate and maleimide) one unit at a time, analogous to commercial peptide synthesis. A recent paper published in Polymer Chemistry (a leading journal in polymer science by The Royal Society of Chemistry-RSC) has made a significant progress for this technology.

Jason was selected as one of the Pioneering Investigators in Polymer Chemistry. His work was highlighted in the 2021 biannual Pioneering Investigator themed issue. Regarding this theme issue, “this collection gathers the very best work from mid-career researchers who have firmly established themselves in the field of polymer chemistry and continuously publish creative, innovative work. The 2021 Polymer Chemistry Pioneering Investigators were individually nominated by members of the journal Editorial and Advisory Boards, and previous Pioneering Investigators, in recognition of their achievements as pioneers of the field.” (Quote from RSC)

This paper was also highlighted as the Paper of the Month and special virtue collection of Polymer Chemistry Recent Hot Articles. Jason was selected as the Author of the Month.

Link to the article:!divAbstract

Author of the Month:

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